Monday, March 11, 2013

Solitude Experience

In order to experience "solitude" over spring break, I took a day off of technology - my phone, computer, television, etc. As I was telling my family about the little assignment, everyone began badgering my sister about doing it, as well, considering she literally does not put down her phone. So, she too, decided to do it with me. I actually turned off my phone around midnight last Friday night and kept it in my purse. I made it through Saturday around midnight without turning it back on, but did notice a couple key things and reflected upon that.

First, being home around my family, I found it near impossible to avoid all technology, because it is just constantly surrounding us. For example, my brothers were watching television, so every time I walked in the room I was basically like "Oh wait, that's technology." Additionally, my parents played music not only in the house, but in the car; again, that's technology. I did actually use our house phone to call my grandma to thank her for my birthday gift. (How could I not call my grandma?!) My sister and I also went out for a bit during the day. Keep in mind, we did have our phones in our purses, just in case! I found myself about three times actually reaching into my purse to touch the circle button on my phone. Habit? I'm not sure, but regardless, how crazy! We were waiting at the nail salon, and after we both sat down, my sister turned to me and said, "So, now what?" Ha! We laughed it off not being able to take out our phones and check Facebook, but how crazy is that! Instead we talked. Weird!

Overall, it is crazy to think about how much technology has affected our society. We truly do not know how to disconnect and just be. However, just this past Saturday, my sister forgot her phone at home for half of the day, but she survived! I honestly really liked not having my phone, etc for the day. It was nice to be able to put my attention 100% into conversations and the people around me. I would not exactly consider it solitude because I was surrounding by people all day. But, the feeling of freedom from technology was definitely enjoyable.


  1. I think it is funny how your parents wanted your sister to do it with you. But as you mentioned in the post you and your sister got a chance to talk. I bet you to had alot to catch up on.

  2. Thanks for this post Mary. I appreciate how seriously you took the assignment (and even got your sister on board). Keep reflecting on this theme -especially as you will be working with kids and each generation is more tech-savvy (and addicted) than the last.