Wednesday, February 20, 2013


After reading Chapter 5 of Paul Loeb's book Soul of a Citizen, I feel as if he is trying to say that regardless of what others think, things are not just going to happen on their own. If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen! Much like Vanessa German claimed in her presentation Wednesday, there is no "they". You cannot just live life thinking, "Oh, they will come up with a solution to that problem." There is no they! If you want to see something happen, you have to do it for yourself. And I truly do believe that one person can make a difference. As for my personal passion project, advocacy is huge. Advocacy for public education is a large catalyst for making any sort of reform. Children, especially those in public schools, need people to speak up and advocate for them. If educators, parents, families won't stand up for children, then who will? In my lifetime, I really do hope to see some drastic change in our public education system. Every child has a right to a great education, and I know, for sure, that I will do everything in my power as a teacher to make sure that happens for my students.

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