Sunday, January 27, 2013

Consultant Projects

For our Consultant Projects for LOT, Leaders of Tomorrow, our class will divide into four seperate teams to complete various tasks. These teams include: Grant Organization Plan, Fundraiser, Social Media Marketing, and Print Media Marketing. I would like to work with the Grant Organization Plan Team! Although I am not very familiar with the grant writing process, I would definitely like to learn! I think it would be something that could potentially be good for me to know in my future as a teacher working with various organizations, etc. My second choice team is the Fundraiser Team. Again, I think planning and executing a a fundraiser would be beneficial experience for me to have before I begin working in a classroom. If I am on the Grant Organization Team, I hope to be able to contribute a lot of my time to fully researching any possible grants that would benefit LOT. I am hoping that once we find these available grants another Carlow course could complete the process by writing the grant if we do not have enough time, which has been done in the past. One strength I think I will be able to add to the team is my organization skills. I like to think that I am a very organized person, and I think this skill would help keep all of our research together better. On the other hand, I think a challenge that I might face will come from my inexperience with the whole grant process. However, I know my professors will be more than willing to help! :)

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